Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nurses from Angel Nursing Health Care Services LLC will provide you or your loved one with a Free RN Assessment & Evaluation. This leads to the creation of a personalized treatment or care plan that will specifically address the health issues you face.

Skilled Nursing services usually cover the following areas:

  • Basic Nursing
  • Evaluation and Assessments
  • Symptom / Pain Management
  • Wellness Visits and Care Planning
  • Vaccinations
  • Post Operative / Wound Care
  • Medication Administration and/or Teaching
  • PICC Line Blood Draw / Peripheral Blood Draw
  • Decubitis, Wound Dressing, Wound Vac Care
  • Intravenous Therapy:
    • Immune Globulin Medication
    • Infusion of Cerezyme, Elaprase, Orencia, and VPRI
    • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN, PPN)
    • Enteral (NGT, GT, Peg Tube, J Tube) Nutritional Therapy
    • Hydration Therapy, Chemotherapy, Antibiotic Therapy
    • Blood and Blood Products
  • Foley Catheter Insertion and Care
  • NG Tube Feeding / G-Tube Feeding
  • Invasive Medical Equipment
    • Intravenous Lines
    • Catheters
    • Ventilators
    • Respirators
    • Gastric or Nasogastric Tubes
    • Ostomies
    • Stomas
    • Tracheostomy Care

We prioritize your recovery and health management. We want to help make life at home easier for you through home health care. Or, if you just need help getting around the house and with daily living activities, please choose Angel Nursing Health Care Services LLC to assist you. Call us at 301-216-9500 today to request for Skilled Nursing services.

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